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    Dimanche 5 Novembre 2006 à 00:04
    The Renaissance Masters used the feeding of Grapes as a simbol of Passion and Sex a lot in their paintings. Nice to see that cexhib is having a great time. Missing you Boyz very much, all the best from Amsterdam. Loving the photos dioxyd. MMaxi
    Dimanche 5 Novembre 2006 à 00:14
    there was passion, but no sex this time. masta' cexhib well know how to use grapes for his painting, not sure for his model ;) missing you too, masta' mmaxi. i hope to see you soon.
    Lundi 6 Novembre 2006 à 23:44
    je le vois venir..the pervert series are comming i feel it comming.. U will see mmaxi;) fun performing for others..and quite borderline..I wander what people think about me know..
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